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Software Program Managers Course
Recently, various certification agencies have been coming together for certifications of integrated systems. This activity has identified the weak points from various organizations and DERs thus causing the need for uniformed understanding, interpretation and hence training of DO-178B/ED-12B throughout the industry. The practitioner's course is geared toward incoming software engineers foreign to DO-178B/ED-12B as well as seasoned software engineers and DERs needing a refresher course describing the latest interpretations of the certification authorities.

This course is designed to benefit both the Software Manager as well as the Program Manager. It provides the student with the knowledge to understand the technical aspects of DO-178B/ED-12B at a high level and what is required from a programmatic standpoint. This would include the program and requirements associated with conducting Stage Of Involvement Audits (SOI)s. It would teach the managers how to spot and avoid pitfalls associated with DO-178B/ED-12B, and give them the knowledge to ask the appropriate pointed DO-178B/ED-12B questions of the developers, DERs as well as the certification liaison folks and be able to determine if they are getting accurate answers.

System Safety Analysis Course
Paragon Transportation offers a course in systems safety analysis. Being in a position of having three world class experts as part of our teaching team a class has been prepared covering a 2-3 day period and includes a historic overview of civil aircraft safety, safety assessment regulatory basis and guidance materials, basic concepts, definitions and principles, safety assessment analysis types, relationships between analysis types and description and discussion of each analysis type. The course can be tailored for individual companies with emphasis on target segments of the aerospace business or a more generic approach.

HIRF and IEL Course
This is a one day presentation that details the certification requirements for High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and Indirect Effects of Lightning (IEL). The training will show the relationship between DO-160 environmental testing and when additional testing is required to meet the certification requirements of the specific HIRF and IEL regulations. The training is focused on the "how to" and not on the "why" to certify either a system or an entire aircraft. The training was written and is presented by Patrick Scott, who was a member of the original committee that wrote the rule and advisory circular, and has an accumulated experience of numerous HIRF and IEL certification programs.