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Paragon Certifications / Achievements

Paragon has been successful in completing complex STC's and AML STC's (Approved Model Lists) for both Part 23 and Part 25 Aircraft. We are experts in ADS-B in both classes of aircraft. In additional to obtaining STC's we have also been granted TSO and EASA TSO on complex cargo containers. (www.acc-uld.com)

Paragon prides itself on the ability to maintain a roster of the top DER's and DAR's in the country. We do not act as regulators but rather as problem solvers. We specialize in repatriating foreign aircraft back to FAA standards while approving complex modifications to those aircraft both interiors and exteriors.

We have the ability to cover all types of aircraft including helicopters. We can provide a rough order of magnitude estimate on your program. You will find Paragon not only has the ability to succeed but complete on time and on budget. Remember if the DER cannot produce the certification document they haven't done it.

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